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LOSTESC (Leveraging on Space Technologies to Enhance SMEs' Competitiveness)

Lostesc was an indirect action co-funded by the European Commission - under the 5th Framework Programme - and by the European Space Agency - under the SME Initiative and its Transfer of Technology Programme.

Support for Lostesc project and proposal montage was provided by a group of six consulting companies, each able to tap into their national base of SMEs to identify project & partnering opportunities. The group of six, under the leadership of Technofi (France), comprised:

  • Mind Consult OEG, Austria
  • Yellow Window, Belgium
  • Technofi, France
  • Innova S.r.l., Italy
  • PrintInova, Portugal
  • Asesoria Industrial Zabala S.A., Spain.

Lostesc was tailored to promote the technological skills of innovative SMEs with strong activities in developing space and aeronautics applications. The programme aimed to support their capabilities to reach new markets based on their know-how, and to leverage creation of new business opportunities both within and beyond Europe.

The goals were threefold:

  1. To detect space or aeronautics technologies within innovative SMEs, capable of adaptation to satisfy needs for similar functionality and levels of performance, in other (non-aerospace) applications' sectors.
  2. To build research & technology development (RTD) projects, where aerospace industry SMEs would be RTD providers for customers having activities in new (non-aerospace) sectors of application.
  3. To build and submit these project proposals for evaluation and eventual selection for funding, according to the procedures of the EC's 5th & 6th Framework Programmes.

Descriptions of the RTD projects selected by the Commission can be found under the menu item "Search Lostesc".


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