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SME Projects

The SME Policy Office coordinates programmes and associated procurement funding for the development of technologies proposed by SMEs, aligned with ESA's strategic requirements for new technologies and innovative solutions.

Demonstrating the cutting-edge capabilities and capacities of high technology SMEs throughout the member and cooperating states of ESA, many remarkable results have been achieved in highly-challenging space applications.

Three instruments have been employed to date, to support ESA-funded technology development by SMEs. These are:

  • Innovation
  • Transfer of Technology

A fourth instrument, known as:

  • Lostesc (Leveraging on Space Technologies to Enhance SME Competitiveness)

has been conducted as an indirect action, in co-operation with the European Commission (EC), over the period 1998-2004. This consisted of assisting SMEs to transfer space technologies to other applications' domains, by responding to Calls for Proposals for Research and Technology Development (RTD) project funding, under Framework Programmes 5 and 6.
Note that Lostesc projects are carried out as a consortial effort, with one company designated as the "coordinator".

In order to enhance visibility on the expertise of SMEs and to foster the use of technologies developed by them, this website features an online searchable database of projects funded under the different instruments.

The "Search for Projects" menu option allows you to search for projects funded under any of the 3 instruments managed directly by ESA. Searches can be carried out by year, country, instrument, or by company name.
The Data Sheet resulting from each search provides information gathered after the end of each project, on:

  • the contact details of the SME contractor,
  • the objectives of the project,
  • its applications,
  • the improvement that the work brought to the state of the art, and
  • the achievements made.

The "Search Lostesc" menu option allows you to search for projects funded by the EC. Searches can be carried out by project acronym, or by name of the project coordinator company.
Details in each project Factsheet are based primarily on the contents of the proposal (i.e. on information before the start of the project), and provide:

  • statement of objectives,
  • description of work, and
  • contact details of the co-ordinator and names of organisations in the consortium.

The data on this website is updated aperiodically as projects come to an end.
SMEs can request amendments to their data via the "Contact ESA" menu option.

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