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Innovation (INN)


The focus of this programme has been dependent on ESA's strategic requirements. For example, the first call (in 1998) was dedicated to near-to-market development. By contrast, the second call (in 2000) focused on early-stage development and innovation-related technologies characterised by high development risk, but also capable of achieving high potential return on the investment in R&D.

"INN" is an ESA Technology Research Programme (TRP) funded instrument, conducted in co-operation with the SME Initiative.


Announcements of Opportunities (AOs) are published on selected topics. Although the INN programme is open to all, 30% of each AO budget is reserved for SMEs.

Eligible costs, Funding and Duration

  • Eligible costs depend on the focus of each AO.
  • Funding with a ceiling of 200 000 euros.
  • Project duration is up to 18 months.

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