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SME Policy Office

The SME Policy Office in ESA implements and manages programmes and funding for leading-edge R&D projects specifically targeted at high technology Small and Medium-size Enterprises, as well as policies adopted by ESA regarding SMEs. The Policy Office coordinates its actions with other international and territorial organisations, such as national space agencies.

A number of actions are taken to reinforce the technical capabilities and sustainability of SMEs. These include funding of new, leading-edge technologies, conceived and developed by SMEs, which are capable of "spin-in" to the space sector, and which satisfy highly-demanding space engineering requirements.

The SME Policy Office also organises training programmes, access to technical expertise, and support for partnership and business networking.

The mission of the SME Policy Office translates into the following objectives:

  • encourage SME involvement in ESA's research & development (R&D) programmes
  • facilitate access by SMEs to technical support from ESA experts and laboratories
  • adapt ESA's rules and tools to the context of doing business with SMEs
  • provide relevant information and opportunities for business partnership and networking
This "SME Projects" website is managed by the SME Policy Office. Its aims are:
  • to present searchable information on projects and companies, aiming to promote the distinctive competence of SMEs which have already executed projects for ESA, and therefore help create new partnership and business opportunities
  • to assist SMEs headquartered in ESA's member, cooperating, and associated States, to gain insights and improve knowledge on business opportunities and potential partners in the space sector.

To obtain further information on the SME-related programmes or procurement policies, or to enquire on how to register your company in ESA's SME Database, please contact the SME Policy Office through e-mail or fax to:

Mr Jens Kauffman
Head, SME Policy Office

European Space Agency
ESA Headquarters
8-10, rue Mario Nikis, 75738 Paris Cedex 15

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