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Manufacture of a mock up and complementary mathematical models in order to confirm the feasibility of a new type of mandrels for space replicated mirrors

Year 2000
Funding Instrument LET-SME
Overview/scope of activity The scope of the proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of a new process of variable mandrel manufacturing.
Applications Mandrels are used in space X-ray missions such as XEUS telescope project. The mandrels foreseen for XEUS are Zerodur fixed mandrels, needing 500 (one different type for each XEUS shell). This number could be significantly reduced by using variable mandrels.
Improvement to the state of the art Using its knowledge in FEA modelisation for flexible optics with benders, in polishing, in integration, SESO has defined a new type of mandrel compatible with manufacturing processes. This new process will allow to manufacture variable mandrels and then reduce the budget of mandrels by a factor 2 to 3 (in XEUS project, the order of magnitude of this budget is initially around 150 millions euro).
Achievements The activity has presented a distortion map of some variable mandrels, a final design and mock up results, with a proposed development plan for XEUS mandrel fabrication. This work has explored a new technical area which is of decisive importance in the future.
Keywords Mandrel, Variable Mandrel, Mirror, Optics, XEUS, Telescope, Manufacturing
Company SESO Société Européene de Systèmes Optiques
Address Pole d'Activités des Milles - 305, rue Louis Armand - B.P. 55000 : F 13792 AIX-EN-PROVENCE Cedex 3
Phone Number (+ 33) 4 42 16 85 00
Fax Number (+ 33) 4 42 16 85 85
Contact Person Mr B. Passier (; phone ext. 8526) and for Seso2, TECH Mrs M. Davi replacing D. Perrin (; - ADM Mr P.-Y. Le Guen (
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