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Engineering Tool for Qualification of Optical Coatings

Year 2004
Funding Instrument LET-SME
Overview/scope of activity The scope of the activity is to study and develop a standard methodology to test the behaviour of the optical coating during the transition air to vacuum. Mainly the spectral properties and the outgassing elements will be studied. Whatever is the final application, the optical coatings are always subject to at least one air-vacuum change. The initial process to realize the coating (Phase Vapour Deposition, Sputtering Deposition, Ion Assisted Deposition…) is indeed made in vacuum and the first environment change of the coating will be the transition vacuum to air atmosphere, at the end of the manufacturing.
Applications Space application
Improvement to the state of the art The added value of the expected performances of the new equipment is the ability to realise a vacuum of 10-6 Torr, to measure “true” reflectance, to measure the out gazing elements, and to heat the sample.
Achievements The project has been completely terminated and the results have been presented to the ICSO 2006 conference Noordwijk. In order to keep the system operating, the bench is to be installed and kept operational in Institut Fresnel who will be able to make its own tests for its research activities, free of charge. For measurements involving commercial or industrial results, SESO will make direct quotation and will use the bench in Institut Fresnel premises.
Keywords Air-Vacuum Transition, Test Equipment, Optical Coating Qualification
Company SESO Société Européene de Systèmes Optiques
Address Pole d'Activités des Milles - 305, rue Louis Armand - B.P. 55000 : F 13792 AIX-EN-PROVENCE Cedex 3
Phone Number (+ 33) 4 42 16 85 00
Fax Number (+ 33) 4 42 16 85 85
Contact Person Mr B. Passier (; phone ext. 8526) and for Seso2, TECH Mrs M. Davi replacing D. Perrin (; - ADM Mr P.-Y. Le Guen (
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