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Search for SME Projects

The projects featured here are those for which sufficient information is available, and for which the companies involved have agreed to publication. Please note that the downloadable List of Projects is therefore not exhaustive.

Project data sheets have been compiled using information provided by the companies in the course of their projects. Note that companies can request modifications to their data sheets by contacting ESA.

Use the SEARCH buttons to find projects matching your criteria, or, download the complete list in the PDF file below.

The 3 search criteria below here (Year, Country, Instrument) are linked by a logical AND function.
Note: Year is project commencement (typical duration=18 months)


Here, you can choose from a picklist of company names to view their associated projects.
Note that some companies have designated their projects as "confidential". The list of companies (and list of projects) is therefore not exhaustive.
Name of Company


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