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Transfer of Technology


The main aim of this instrument has been to help SMEs already working in the space industry, to attenuate risk of over-dependence on a single market or customer.

The main route to achieving this aim has been to support market diversification - assisting SMEs to adapt and transfer their space technologies to alternative (non-space) markets.

Procedure & Funding

Projects in this programme area were originally funded under the SME Initiative.

However, this activity is now funded via ESA's Technology Transfer Programme (TTP).
Please see the menu item "Web Links", and the link to Technology Transfer.

Eligible costs, Funding and Duration

  • Eligible costs are market studies to help SMEs define possible non-space applications, and work to adapt/validate the technology to a specific non-space application's market.
  • 50% funding of the activity, typically amounting to 100 000 euros.
  • Duration is up to one year.


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