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ESA Industry Portal
The Industry Portal presents news relevant for industry, and provides links to the Agency's "Electronic Mail Invitation to Tender System" (EMITS, see below), the European Space Industry Directory (ESID), and guidelines on how to do business with ESA.

ESA SME Website

The SME website presents news on, and for, small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs), including: achievements of European and Canadian SMEs working with ESA; and training courses for industry. Links can also be found to dedicated databases, offering :
(a) searchable directory of the distinctive competences and business contact details of high-technology SMEs, and
(b) searchable catalogues of R&D projects executed by SMEs under contract to ESA, as well as projects co-funded by the European Commission Framework programmes.

European Environmental Test Facility Inventory (EETFI)

EETFI is a searchable web-based database, enabling European environmental test facility providers to present their facilities to potential users across Europe. The objective is to help European space industry and payload developers to identify and make contact with the test facilities and services they require.

Technology Transfer

Dedicated site of ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) which covers news, business opportunities, success stories, publications, etc.

ESA Business Incubation

ESA Business Incubation is provided as a service package, designed to bridge the gap between an idea and an actual business. Incubation is focused on technology transfer projects, to help take them from concept, to development into a viable business. Note that the Incubation services are under the aegis of the Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) - see previous link.

Initiative for ESA Telecom Newcomers (IETN)

IETN aims to support SMEs in the development of services or applications emerging from the creative use of existing satellite technology, such as multimedia, Internet, mobile applications, or systems or technologies to support new, or improve existing, services. There is a continuously-open Call for Proposals, which is published on the ESA Electronic Mail Invitation to Tender System (EMITS).
See "AO 5658" under the "Open Invitations to Tender" menu item on EMITS (no login is necessary to view this).
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